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Dil chahta hai 3D!
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Sunday - September 27, 2015 7:24 pm
Dil chahta hai 3D!
It took a cardiologist with a heart to spot the enthusiasm of a former pizza delivery boy to get FogSV Festival of Globe to be the first Film Festival in the world to be shot on 3D 360 virtual reality

He is 26,  sports a mohawk, wears a 3D tigerhead bag on his back, sports a slim stand set with two GoPro 180 degree cameras, and a 360 degree 3D camera, and glides effortlessly on a self-balancing scooter across all floors and can talk for hours on end. He is Raja Singh or 3D Raja, the young man who has been taken on by cardiologist Dr Romesh Japra to shoot the FogSV Festival of Globe in 3D virtual reality, the first film festival in the world to be shot in 3D 360 virtual reality.
A manager with Mind VR, a cinematic content creation company, a young man who till 12 months back, was a pizza delivery boy with Dominoes.

“I delivered pizzas for eight years.  And at the same time, I learnt graphic designing and video editing three years ago. Fate brought him face to face with Guy Coggin, the CEO of Mind VR at an Indian musical show. The contagious energy of young Raja attracted Guy Coggin who was the man behind aura photography.

Coggin showed Raja a demo of virtual reality and he was hooked. “When I watch television, my mother cuts onions, and ten things happen at home simultaneously. Now, with Oculus Rift, I am into my own world, my space, my virtual reality. I knew this is what I wanted to do. The feeling of someone standing right there, you can feel that heat, that emotion – the television comes out, reaches out -- I love that effect.”

Raja studied the technology, how to shoot, edit and stitch, and then set out to make this technology work. A meeting with Dr Romesh Japra, and Raja was in. “Dr Japra had full faith in me. He gave me an opportunity to shoot the highlights in 3D without even taking a look at the world through my glasses. He is a knowledge bank. And his faith, it touched me.”

Raja has already shot the press conference, red carpet, interviews, and will shoot the event highlights in 3D. And seeing the celebrities lining up to get their interviews done, it looks like Raja Singh’s 3D world will clear up as he brings to life FogSV on 3D!

What next?

“I have come to India to shoot the Golden Temple and then Amarnath. I have shown my mother London and Paris through 3D, but mom wants to see the Golden Temple and Amarnath but she cannot travel. So my first project in India will be dedicated to my parents and God. And then, I would like to shoot Salman Khan’s wedding!” Touche!
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