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Yoga is a genuine remedy to relieve one from stress and anxiety - Says Yaariayan Actor Shreyas Pardiwalla
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Tuesday - November 14, 2017 8:18 pm
Yoga is a genuine remedy to relieve one from stress and anxiety - Says Yaariayan Actor Shreyas Pardiwalla
Shreyas Pardiwalla, who made a stellar debut with Yaariyaan and later Sanam Re, is a yoga freak when it comes to fitness.

 The talented actor practices yoga frequently and is known for his calm and polite demeanour.

Shreyas explains, “My rendezvous with yoga first happened when I was around 9 years old. I used to practice "Hatha- Yoga". Ever since then my relationship with yoga has only grown stronger. My entire family practices or at least has practiced yoga. My two aunts and cousin are hard-core yoga practitioners and yoga teachers. One of my aunts has studied "Ashtanga-Vinyasa" in great detail as well. Both my parents were yoga students as well. My yoga teacher who is very dear to me yearly takes me for yoga camps to Pondicherry. The yoga I currently practice is not only physical but more mental and spiritual.”
Having completed his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and being a part-time therapist, Shreyas understands the necessity and importance of yoga for everyone.

“In today's day and age, anxiety, depression and mental stress have created havoc amongst thousands of individuals. Cases of suicide due to stress and depression are unfortunately growing common. Yoga, I believe, has served as a genuine remedy to relieve one from stress and anxiety. A rigorous daily practice of yoga and meditation can alleviate stress and anxiety tremendously. I have had firsthand experience as to how yoga and meditation has healed me in many ways,” he adds.

Shreyas elaborates, “While I was shooting for Yaariyaan, Sanam Re and Sweetie Weds NRI, as my luck could have it, I was giving my Third Year Board Exams for my Bachelors in Art degree, My Masters Part 1 Examinations and My Masters Part 2 Examinations respectively. All three film shoots, either coincided or were scheduled in and around my exam dates. The tension and stress would get to me. However, my continuous determination to not crack under pressure and to work my way through it, allowed me to consciously make an effort and practice meditation and yoga on a daily basis. This genuinely helped me cope through these anxiety and stressful days. Yoga acts as a tool to help one cope not only externally but internally with oneself and with life. On 10th October – World Mental Health day, in the spirit of the occasion I urge one and all to practice at least 20 minutes of yoga and meditation, if nothing more, on a daily basis, in order to heal oneself and get rid of this demon called mental stress.”
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