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Sonam Kapoor acquires the rights of The Aryavarta Chronicles
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Tuesday - October 3, 2017 3:02 am
Sonam Kapoor acquires the rights of The Aryavarta Chronicles
Sonam Kapoor, who is a voracious reader, has always expressed her desire to see more books being made into big screen adaptations. The actress is also associated with MAMI’s Word to Screen , that curates interesting manuscripts, that are then pitched to producers and content creators, acting as a platform for publishing houses and filmmakers to exchange creative thoughts and ideas.

The star has now acquired the rights of Singapore-based author Krishna Udayasankar’s bestseller series, The Aryavarta Chronicles,a modern retelling of Mahabharata through the novels — Govinda, Kaurava and Kurukshetra that collectively comprise the series.

Confirming the news says the author, “I was zapped and star-struck when Sonam first reached out to me to let me know she’d enjoyed The Aryavarta Chronicles. It’s exciting that The Aryavarta Chronicles series is in the hands of someone with great aesthetic vision.”

All praise for the actress she adds, “Sonam’s passion for the story and its characters; and her down-to-earth attitude totally blew me away.I can’t wait to work with her”.
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