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Ananth Mahadevan: Aaj Zid does not have objectionable content at all!
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Tuesday - October 3, 2017 2:54 am
Ananth Mahadevan: Aaj Zid does not have objectionable content at all!
Director Ananth Mahadevan is in a fix as the Central Board of Film Certification, led by Prasoon Joshi, claims that the song, Aaj Zid from his upcoming movie Aksar 2 is inappropriate for television audiences.

Amused with the Censor Board’s decision, the actor-director says, “Aaj Zid is such a haunting and melodious number and I don’t know where and what the Censor saw in it that has gone into a zone that they feel it’s not suitable for the viewers.”

“When we were working on the track, the reference was taken from a song Tumse Kahu Ek Baat (sung by Mohammad Rafi saab) from the yesteryear film, Dastak featuring Sanjeev Kumar. The late legendary music composer Madan Mohan composed the beautiful track. Shabina Khan has shot the number in Aksar 2 very aesthetically. I think the song Aaj Zid is the benchmark to handle a sensuous moment on screen. There are no vulgar gestures made by actors. There’s nothing wrong in the song at all. The actors who shot for the song are in the zone of anticipation.”

“Abroad they only censor trailers and movies and not songs. I think a song should be seen in the context of the film and not in isolation to derive a different meaning. Aaj Zid is one of the biggest songs on the YouTube and its topping the charts in just a matter of one and a half week. I hope the board members consider their decision again and permit a television release, as it is part of our publicity campaign,” the filmmaker adds.

The much-awaited suspense thriller is quietly whipping up audience frenzy and the anticipation for the film has touched heights rarely witnessed in such early pre release days. It trended thrice back-to-back on Twitter with only a motion poster and a title teaser.

Presented by Siddhivinayak Creations, produced by Narendra Bajaj & Chirag Bajaj and directed by Ananth Mahadevan, the music of Aksar 2 is composed by Mithoon. The film is scheduled to release on 6th October, 2017.
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