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KI & KAs Kabir - Arjun Kapoor on the cover of Good Housekeeping !
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Thursday - March 31, 2016 10:12 am
KI & KAs Kabir - Arjun Kapoor on the cover of Good Housekeeping !
Arjun Kapoor may have always been cast as the alpha male, but the actor now redefines gender stereotypes with KI & KA, directed by R.Balki where he essays the role of a loving, supportive househusband.

Arjun turns into every working woman's dream with the quirky romantic film ,starring Kareena Kapoor Khan .In a game changing move, the actor now features solo on the cover of the leading housekeeping magazine for women.

Talking about everything from cooking to cleaning and dancing in 4 inch heels , Arjun Kapoor talks about his new found admiration and respect for women and their ability to multi-task .

Eros International & Hope Productions’ Ki & Ka, directed by R.Balki, stars Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan among other. 
The fun love story about two people with contrasting ideologies, sees Arjun play
a progressive house husband who lovingly supports his wife's ambitions, Kareena,
on the other hand, is a go-getting career woman.
For all those who think men and women are fools to interchange roles ,this "Foolishq" film is releasing on April Fool's Day this year
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