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Ki & Ka Kabir aka Arjun Kapoor hosts a special Womens Day celebration for the ladies !
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Wednesday - March 9, 2016 7:30 pm
Ki & Ka Kabir aka Arjun Kapoor hosts a special Womens Day celebration for the ladies !
It would probably be every woman's dream to have one of the most eligible bachelors in B-Town ,throw a celebratory brunch for the ladies on the occasion of Women's Day and that is exactly what Ki & Ka's Kabir aka Arjun Kapoor did for a lucky few.
The team of Eros International & R.Balki's Ki & Ka organized a special luncheon with the filmmaker and Kareena Kapoor Khan ,hosted by none other than the "man of the house" - Arjun Kapoor !
From interacting with the ladies , to personally serving them a few lip smacking specials , Arjun played the perfect host and spoke to them at length on their definition of a "Ideal Munda" .
The team later launched and screened the song titled "Most Wanted Munda" from the highly anticipated ,Ki & Ka.
On the occasion said Arjun Kapoor, " Ki & Ka isn't a Man v/s Woman film at all ..it is not a battle of the sexes...It is simply about any individual pursuing their passion and direction in their life irrespective of gender,cast, creed , stereotype or any other factor that could be an obstacle".
Added Kareena Kapoor Khan, "After this film every woman will want a man like Arjun .To find a man like Kabir (Arjun's charachter in the film) is a rarity and that makes him so attractive."
Eros International & Hope Productions’ Ki & Ka, directed by R.Balki, stars Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan among other. 

The fun love story about two people with contrasting ideologies, sees Arjun play a progressive house husband who lovingly supports his wife's ambitions, Kareena, on the other hand, is a go-getting career woman.
For all those who think men and women are fools to interchange roles ,this "Foolishq" film is releasing on April Fool's Day this year.
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