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Saavi A Bonded Bride covers the delicate subject of an unusual marriage of a kid with 18 years old girl
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Thursday - July 9, 2015 12:03 pm
Saavi  A Bonded Bride covers the delicate subject of an unusual marriage of a kid with 18 years old girl
Movies since their inception have been about entertaining the masses. Some directors and writers look at it as a medium to educate the masses. Year after year, a movie comes that renders the audience speechless and in an euphoria state of mind. National award winning director Rajeev Kumar through their movie Saavi – A Bonded Bride, looks to keep that trend running. The movie is based on the sensitive issue of barter system of women. Interestingly, this is first time in Bollywood, where a film is showcasing an unusual married couple - a 18 years old girl is forced to marry 4 years old child.
According to the sources, the makers are keen on bringing the issue to the silver screen along with watta satta. In general, Saavi – A Bonded Bride, is based on the idiosyncratic behavior of people still stuck in the colonial era mindsets. With its highly talented team of actors, the producers are looking to have an everlasting effect on the minds of the people. They aim to change the way of thinking through their endeavors.
Saavi - A Bonded Bride showcases that the medieval ideologies still exists in India, and how blind faith embellished with hierarchical practices still have a way of running in the nation. The objectifying of female has been going on for centuries in the country, and the movie tries to show how even during the wake of education, we are still chained by our blind ancestral practices. 
The movie is shot at the authentic locations of Chamba, Jot, Baddi in Himachal, and Shahpur and Pinjore in Haryana.
Jaspinder Cheema is playing title role in this film which is supported by noted actors like Ashish Duggal, Jeet Soni, Manni Boparia among others. Saavi – A Bonded Bride is produced by Bhanu Sharma and is helmed by national award winning director Rajeev Kumar.
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