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Bappi da s Slumstars to woo San Francisco
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Tuesday - June 30, 2015 8:07 pm
Bappi da s Slumstars to woo San Francisco
Bappi Lahiri is a legend in his own right, a man who has reinvented himself over four decades and is still going strong. He will be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at San Francisco Global Movie Festival scheduled for 7th to 14th August this year. Also, Bappi Lahiri has San Francisco going oooh la la now with his latest album Slumstars, that is winning him accolades again at the prestigious San Francisco Fest, where Bappi Da will rub shoulders with Jackie Chan and Martin Sheen as well. This achievement follows his recent Goodwill Ambassador Award at the Garifuna Film Fest. 

Says Dr Romesh Japra, Convenor, San Francisco Global Movie Fest, “When I think of anyone timeless, the only person who comes to mind is Bappi Lahiri. He is a composer-singer par excellence who is still coming out with chartbusters and trendsetters, when others retire. 42 years and still going strong... we could think of no one else but him to fit the slot.”
Bappi da who is currently in LA is excited. “I feel elated. I approach every song as if it were my first. And I love it when the audiences react with love and affection.  I am humbled by the award bestowed on me by Dr Romesh Japra and the San Francisco Global Movie Fest. I am touched.”

In the same breath, Bappi da talks of his album, Slumstars, attributing the album to Mumbai and its large heart that beats for the less-fortunate.. “I am happy that my album Slumstars is also touching global shores with the SF Movie Fest. There are four songs and the first, ‘We Are One’ with the slum kids singing along is simply three words with which I define the unity of the metropolis,” adding that the album is co-produced by international DJ Paul Devro. And of course Mumbai Slumstars trained under Bappi da, have rendered their vocals with him!
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