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After losing everything I had .... I made a comeback - Tummo Coaching Expert Eefke Bodt
Monday - April 3, 2017 7:00 pm
After losing everything I had .... I made a comeback - Tummo Coaching Expert Eefke Bodt
Studio Carry On Harry , Singapore invited Tummo Coaching Expert Eefke Bodt on its show. As she says "People want to reveal their full potential and add value, their ability, to take their life, studies and business to new heights." Studio Guest Eefke Bodt is  Inspiring leader and shared some valueable tips with host Harry Johal , based in Singapore.

Her Story : 
After losing everything I had in my live, Family, Money and survived a accident while I was being hit at 50 mph and in my jobs she always felt uninspired and chronically tired I know I had to change my live. I had to find my inner fire.  I decided to take some time out of working life. This was a big step, a leap of faith if you like, with no income and my confidence taking a big hit.

Her Journey
My quest for Interfere resulted in quitting my day job and dedicated my (speaking) career to transforming peoples lives and businesses now I have helped 100’s of people, around the world, find ing there Inner Fire.

After trying all of the above methods and more, I decided to launch my own trainings and coaching method to find Inner Fire. and it worked! After finding my own Inner Fire, I live the life of my dreams and my friends asked me to help them too. My classes and coaching sessions grew and all of a sudden this local girl was playing quid for people all over the world.

Eefke Bodt |  Tummo Coaching 
Office: 121/28 Nguyen van Houng | District 2| Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (+ 84) 126 736 2774 | Mobile: (+84) 120 824 6749
Email: info@tummo-coaching.com

Stay Tuned For talks with Guest here.
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