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First Class Leadership talks with Hamid Safaei - Business Executive Coach from Amsterdam
Tuesday - November 29, 2016 8:11 pm
First Class Leadership talks with Hamid Safaei - Business  Executive Coach from Amsterdam
Studio Carry On Harry Singapore invted ​Hamid Safaei from amsterdam to join us for talks about his new book  First Class Leadership , his ups and downs as an executive coach , lessons from life and how to fix up your dreams with right mindset and tools.

Hamid Safaei has lived in the Netherlands for over fifteen years. A man of Persian descent and a speaker of three languages, Hamid has a deep passion to create a better world full of better leaders.

Hamid is a qualified executive coach, helping executives, senior managers, and budding entrepreneurs unleash their potential. He has led successful business transformations for a number of global Fortune 500 companies. ImOcean Academy, which he developed, is a unique institute where he offers first-class coaching, leadership tools and techniques, combined with a shared first-hand knowledge of best practices. Hamid is best known for coaching leadership, personal development, and conflict resolution. Executives who have hired him to lead their strategic negotiations have been amazed by how Hamid nails down win-win deals, using his unique one-liners and brilliant Persian expressions.

First-Class Leadership was penned by Hamid, based on his personal experiences with high-ranking leaders in politics and the corporate world. Within this work, he pays specific attention to highly effective teams and simplified communication between leaders and their followers. Via his coaching efforts, Hamid has helped his clients awaken their “why”, giving birth to their underlying dreams.

Having held several senior management roles and responsibilities in various organisations, Hamid is highly trained and professionally qualified. With twenty years of experience in applying the best tools and techniques for successful leadership, he has served clients at different levels and knows what he is talking about.  Hamid is passionate about helping other individuals discover the best version of themselves. He regularly posts blogs on his website at imocean.academy, on subjects including leadership, the wheel of life, stress, target-setting, decision making, and unleashing potential.

Hamid is an expert at balancing his professional and personal life, a man who works very hard but still makes it home in time for dinner with his wife and son almost every evening.

His Book  deals with LEARN HOW TO...
• Achieve extraordinary results with ordinary team members. • Build on your self-confidence. • Finally break the cycle of frustration and hopelessness. • Personally taste the power of profound leadership by
embedding the principles of First-Class Leadership.
• Learn from the personal stories and experiences of first-class leaders who have made history by applying these principles.
• Start your journey to excellence; leaders are not born but made.

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